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The Lamia (Lamius for a male) are melancholic demons of Deceit and the followers of Apate, Lady of Lies.


The Lamia appear as pale-skinned women (and less commonly, men) with forked tongues and extremely long black hair. Their hair can take the shape of a garment or a pair of wings, and they can use it to hide their extra pair of arms and their long, black horns. This hair can also form a snake-like tail, lash out at foes, or completely engulf the Lamia's entire body.


Lamia serve much the same purpose as succubae, lying to mortals to seduce them into sin. They encourage mortals to lie to one another, whether the reasons are petty or for great political gain.


Demon-kin children of Lamia are habitual liars, who have to fight their own nature just to tell the truth. They usually have a snake-like tongue and the strange demonic hair of their demon parent.