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Portrait kye.png
The Demon
Kye Vakurseth
Full Name: Kye Vakurseth
Aliases: Prince of Pain
Race: Demon-kin
Gender: Male
Birthplace: The Underworld
Born: Unknown
Height: Approximately 6'4"
Eye Color: Violet (natural), blue (disguise)
Hair Color: Deep, bright purple
Affinity: Air
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Silent Messengers

Kye Vakurseth is a demon-kin of Pain with a mysterious past. Kye is currently working as an assassin for the Silent Messengers, but now that he has been sent to assassinate Sir Tom Drake, his life is about to change forever.


Almost nothing is known of Kye's past. He was born in the Underworld and is the direct son of Akhoman, Archdemon of Pain, making Kye an exceptionally powerful individual... along with his twin, Lye. It is unknown who Kye's human parent was, and how he came to Midgard, along with most everything else about him. Now he is an assassin working with the Silent Messengers, and they are the only mortals who know of his demonic nature. Currently, he has been hired by the Hooded Figure to assassinate the knight Sir Tom Drake, the Demon Slayer of Illikon.


Being a demon-kin of Pain, Kye has many prominent demonic features: wings, a spearheaded tail, two pairs of dark horns, violet eyes, fangs, pointed ears, and deep but bright, indigo-purple hair. He is able to hide these features at will, although they will reappear if something breaks his rather fragile concentration. But even with these monstrous attributes, however, Kye can nonetheless be summed up as tall, dark, and handsome. His face is clean-shaven and well chiseled, with high cheekbones and strikingly handsome features. When in his human disguise, Kye usually takes up bright blue eyes and raven black hair.

Armor and Weapons

Kye's outfit suits his demonic features well, for his appearance can be summed up as "spiky." His predominantly black, sleeveless leather armor closely fits his lean and muscular physique, and it leaves his upper back bare to allow his wings to spread freely - which reveals countless whip scars crisscrossing his entire back, as well as a glimpse of a large rune carved there. His armor bears numerous steel spikes on both his gauntlets and his one shoulder pauldron on his left side. Lastly, his strangest piece of equipment covers his left hand and forearm all the way up to his elbow: a heavy, spiked, metal gauntlet, which tips his fingers with very long claws. A bandoleer of numerous throwing knives crosses his chest, extending from his pauldron, and upon his belt hangs a Parsansharian scimitar. He is armed to the teeth with various blades - some of which are not visible until he draws them to strike.


Kye's personality certainly does not suit his tall, strong, demonic, and generally intimidating appearance - in fact, he behaves almost like the opposite of what he appears. Though he sometimes feigns courage and malevolence in order to survive, Kye is actually a gentle, caring, often naive, and frankly terrified soul. He behaves with almost absurd curiosity for everything around him, despite occasionally showing strangely extensive knowledge of certain (all very undesirable) subjects, none of which he wants to talk about. Shy, hesitant, and often very anxious, Kye can generally be seen fidgeting and mistrusting everyone, when he isn't putting up his facade of confidence.


Kye is a main character in The Prophecy of the Six, and he has appeared in Knightfall and Into the North.