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Portrait sid.png
The Tinkerer
Full Name: Kit-o-ak
Aliases: Kiddo, Sid-o-ak (mispronunciation), Brains
Race: Goblin
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Jagged Edge
Born: Unknown
Height: 4'
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: unknown
Affinity: Clay
Familiar: Frog
Affiliations: Venomweb Clan

Kit-o-ak (or Sid-o-ak) is a goblin siege engineer of the Venomweb Tribe.


Kit-o-ak was born high in the Jagged Edge mountains as part of a goblin clan working under the Jötnar for the Army of Chaos. As soon as he crawled out of the breeding pit, the other goblins knew Kit was exceptionally intelligent. He picked up language too quickly, was too interested in learning new things, and often butted heads with his superiors over their stupidity. He soon learned that intelligence was not especially appreciated among the Chaos races, and since he was lacking in the aspect they did appreciate (strength), he started keeping his head down.

That is, until he encouraged his clan to rebel against their masters. The rebellion was not completely successful, but the goblins who survived managed to escape and join an independent goblin clan called the Venomwebs, who survived by living deep in narrow tunnels of Nidavellir and taming giant spiders to aid them in battle. A very primitive tribe, they came to appreciate Kit for his ingenuity and his skill at designing weapons for them to use, in addition to their spiders. Finding his name hard to pronounce in their own tongue, the clan often called him "Sid-o-ak" or just "Brains".

Yet their appreciation never extended to treating him with real respect, even though it was largely because of him that the clan was able to prosper and spread their territory. Eventually the Venomwebs came into conflict with the Svartalfar of Ak'varylystha. Using siege engines designed by Kit-o-ak, they laid siege to the city and shattered its walls. Kit was captured by the dark elves, and has not been heard from since.


Kit is very clever and independent - traits highly uncommon among goblin kind. Because of this and his lack of strength, he is often mistreated and disrespected by his kin. Nevertheless, he does not fear his idiotic superiors and often openly speaks his mind, even when it gets him into trouble. Whenever a fight breaks out, Kit uses his speed and intelligence to escape, earning him the reputation of a coward. When forced into a battle, he prefers to contribute from a distance using his custom-built crossbow and potion-bombs. He is a skilled alchemist, tinkerer, and engineer who is always eager to absorb whatever knowledge he can, in the rare instances he finds any. He is a packrat, always collecting anything that looks interesting, useful, or valuable.


Kit-o-ak has not yet appeared in any Wulfgard stories.