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Portrait joe.png
The Hero
Full Name: Jörgen
Aliases: Joe, Joergen, The Lone Bull, Giant-Slayer
Race: Nordling
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Björnburg, Northrim
Born: Unknown
Height: 6'4"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Affinity: Earth
Familiar: Bull
Affiliations: Wolfpack,Brotherhood of the Bifröst Banner

Jörgen "the Lone Bull" is a hero of Northrim, a former member of the Wolfpack and founder of the Brotherhood of the Bifröst Banner.


The details of Jörgen's birth are unknown, for he was orphaned at a very young age. As a child, he was found by the Björnings and taken to the Björnburg, where he was raised with the other orphans. He often herded cattle, and after wrestling a bull with his bare hands, he became known as Jörgen the Bull. As a young man, he was eager to fight for his homeland against the Achaean Empire, but the Björnings were at peace with Rimegard at that time. So he left to fight them as an outlaw, and his nickname changed to "the Lone Bull" for leaving his tribe.

Jörgen joined the Wolfpack and became its face and voice, speaking for the group because of his intimidating size and voice, and his natural charisma. The Empire put quite a sizeable bounty on his head, and this earned him the nickname "Joe" when the other Wolfpack members heard some Imperials mispronounce his name when reading it from a wanted poster. "Joe" became close friends with most of the Wolfpack, especially Stígander and his sister Magnhild, and Ivarr and Hjordis.

After many years of fighting skirmishes against the Empire, however, Jörgen became eager to stop playing at war and fight it in earnest. When the Wolfpack disbanded shortly after the disappearance of Stígander, Joe signed up with the army of the Geatlings as a volunteer. But after witnessing the horrors of war, and after a terrible personal tragedy, he decided he wanted nothing to do with war either. He renounced it completely, swearing never to carry a sword or kill another man again.

After that, he wandered for some time, searching for a new way in life. Eventually he ended up at Endibraut Hall, hoping to join the heroic defenders there to fight the monsters that dwelt in the Jagged Edge - particularly the Armies of Chaos. He helped the inhabitants of the hall put aside their in-fighting and join together under a new flag of his own invention: the rainbow banner of the "Bifröst Brotherhood".


The phrase "larger than life" might well have been invented to describe Jörgen. His personality is nearly as big as his body, which is over six feet of bulging muscle. Although he is quicker to laugh with his friends than he is to anger, his fury when unleashed is powerful enough to move mountains. While not the quickest and cleverest mind, he possesses a deep wisdom and always seeks to learn from his experiences. Above all he wishes to be a hero, to do good for his comrades and ultimately for all of mankind.


Jörgen is a main character of Into the North and is the protagonist of his short story Wake Not the Sleeping Bull.