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Portrait isra.png
The Vampiress
Full Name: Isra Talabi
Aliases: The Nightwalker
Race: Deshreti
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Deshret
Born: unknown
Height: 5'6"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Affinity: Air
Familiar: Hyena
Affiliations: Coven of Lady Nefertari

Isra is a female vampire from the heart of Deshret, currently living in Kemhet. Sister of Hanan al-Saffah, she has joined him and his assassins in aiding Lord Plutarch.


Isra and her brother Hanan were the last survivors of their nomadic tribe - the Talabi - when it was slaughtered by a rival one. Swearing vengeance, they worked together to hunt down and kill every member of the opposing tribe until the debt of blood had been repaid. After they succeeded, they went their separate ways, both having different outlooks and goals in life.

Determined to have enough power to never fear anyone again, Isra eagerly joined the vampire coven of Lady Nefertari in Kemhet. Under Nefertari, she leads a group of six other female vampires as a sort of strike force, eliminating the enemies of her mistress with ruthless efficiency.


In a word, Isra is insane. She was known as bloodthirsty even before her vampirism made it literal. While her brother Hanan considers murder a form of high art, Isra just considers it fun. Perhaps the only thing she minds more fun is berating and teasing her brother. The two have a very twisted relationship, in that they seem to utterly hate each other, yet they will both go out of their way to protect one another from harm. Perhaps they simply do not know how to show affection, or perhaps they each want to kill the other themselves one day, rather than allowing someone else to do it.


Isra has not yet appeared in any stories.