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The Hyetzi (singular Hyetzu), as the natives of the South call them, are the descendants of the hyena shifters, who became beastfolk. In Deshret they are sometimes confused with ghouls due to their largely nocturnal preferences and their penchant for eating dead flesh.


Some travelers claim that hyetzi are hyenas who become beastmen by night, but this is untrue, as hyetzi do not have any shapeshifting abilities or undergo any kind of transformation. Like most beastfolk, they have the head, legs, feet, tail, claws, and fur of their animal counterpart, but the torsos, arms, and hands of men.


Although legend has it that hyetzi are blood-drinkers who only prey on the dying, they actually hunt in addition to scavenging, although they only prey on men if they wander far from their beaten paths. Hyetzi attack humans more often during the night than the day, as they can use their senses to their advantage and pick off unsuspecting travelers who are foolish enough to travel by night.


Hyetzi live in fairly small packs and have a nomadic lifestyle, moving from place to place and setting up temporary villages of tents made from animal hides, if they do not simply sleep under the open sky. They could be considered less civilized than some beastfolk. Although they are just as intelligent as other beastfolk and occasionally make their own weapons and armor, they generally just scavenge their kills for armor, weapons, and supplies, creating cobbled and tattered outfits with bits of armor wherever it will fit, so long as they maintain reasonable freedom of movement.