Ghost (horse)

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Portrait ghost.png
The Stallion
Full Name: Ghost
Aliases: None
Race: Horse
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Eye Color: Dark
Hair Color: Black
Affinity: Fire
Familiar: None
Affiliations: Tom Drake
Ghost is the stallion of Tom Drake.


When Tom Drake became old enough to ride a horse, his father, Warren, quickly discovered that - for some reason - horses did not seem to appreciate Tom's presence. They followed his orders, but none truly bonded with him. However, one day, Warren presented Tom with a black stallion: Ghost. Warren told Tom that it was a horse no one could break, but Ghost immediately bonded with Tom and became his loyal steed - and he is now also claimed to be the fastest horse in the Northwest.


Tall, sleek, and majestic, Ghost is a handsome, sheer black stallion with a white forehead star.


As wild as his master, Ghost only grudgingly tolerates the presence of others - and he refuses to tolerate a rider other than Tom, unless Tom is also present. Ghost seems to share an incredible bond with his master, following Tom's orders even in the most dangerous of situations and always staying by his side.


Ghost is a main character in The Prophecy of the Six. So far, he has appeared in Knightfall.