Ghauralas Varylys III

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Portrait ghauralas.png
The Mage-King
King Varylys III
Full Name: King Ghauralas Akem Varylys III
Aliases: Head of the House of the Six-Tailed Whip, Lord of Ak’varylystha, Grand Magister of the Red School, High Priest of the Temple of Akhoman
Race: Svartalfar
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ak'Varylystha, Nidavellir
Born: unknown
Height: 6'
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: White
Affinity: Fire
Familiar: unknown
Affiliations: Ak'Varylystha, House of Varylys

Ghauralas Akem Varylys III is the Svartalfar Mage-King of Ak'Varylystha in Nidavellir. He is almost as much demon as elf, with red skin, eyes, and hornlets.


Ghauralas was born to the prestigious royal House of Varylys in Ak'Varylystha. They were overjoyed to discover that their child had the Gift of Magic, and immediately enrolled him in the prestigious Red School of Magi. He excelled at magic and grew in power so quickly that his older brothers quickly abdicated their claim to the throne. When the King died under mysterious circumstances, Ghauralas took his position as King of the City-State. By then, he was so corrupted by demonic magic that his skin and eyes had turned red.

As King, Ghauralas also became head of the Mage School and the Temple of Akhoman, the Demon Lord of Pain. He swore loyalty to Akhoman in exchange for the Demon Lord's aid should he ever require it. The demon agreed, but only if Ghauralas was willing to sacrifice one of his own children in exchange. The deal was sealed.

Later, the city came under an attack on two fronts simultaneously: the Dvergar House Firebeard on one side and the Goblin Venomweb Clan on the other. Facing a double-pronged siege, Akhoman found that even the great power of Ak'Varylystha could not hold forever. Making good on his deal with the demon, he prepared to sacrifice his daughter, Lady Varylys...


As a young man, Ghauralas wanted only to make his family proud. He struggled to be the best mage and scholar that he could, to prepare himself for the job of ruling the city. As he sank deeper and deeper into the use of demonic magic, however, he found that his affection for his kin began to dissipate. His became hollow inside, unable to feel positive emotion even toward his beautiful wife. Now, he only feels any twisted pleasure when inflicting pain upon others, and sometimes upon himself. He continues to drive himself to increase the power and greatness of Ak'Varylystha, but he takes no joy in it... except when personally crushing his foes.


King Ghauralas Varylys III appears in the final chapter of Into the North.