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Portrait fred.png
The Burning Viking
Frederik the Fire Wurm
Full Name: Frederik
Aliases: The Burning Viking, the Fire Wurm
Race: Nordling
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Wurmtongue Fjord,Northrim
Born: Unknown
Height: 6'2"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Affinity: Fire
Familiar: Salamander
Affiliations: none

Frederik is a mage with an exceptionally strong fire affinity who was cast out of his Nordling tribe for sorcery and now lives as an outlaw.


Frederik was born to the Wurmtongues tribe in Wurmtongue Fjord. Always a lanky young man, he did not wish to join viking raids with his kin, but he was forced to go regardless. While on his first raid, when he became terrified by the enemy, he lashed out in an eruption of flame. His companions won the battle because of his actions, but they declared him "ergi" (a witch, unmanly) and in a rage, he turned on them too, burning most of them to ash.

In the following years, Fred lived as an outlaw, wandering alone and hunting for scraps, often taking what he needed by violence. Eventually he tried to find companionship by joining a small cult of magi based near Illikon. The cult was discovered by the Achaean Empire and broken up by Sir Tom Drake and the Imperial Inquisition, although Drake allowed Fred and the other surviving magi to escape.

Fred's freedom did not last long, however, as the Inquisition soon caught up with him. He was found and captured while hiding out in the Northwestern Kingdom. Later, as a prisoner, he ran into Lord Plutarch.


Since birth, Frederik has had an extremely hard life, and it has jaded him. He rarely speaks, and when he does, it is short and to the point, and often laced with a bitterly cynical sarcasm. He shows little regard for human life, although he also seems to take no pleasure in the deed of killing. He does, however, seem to take some pleasure simply in burning things. With his deep blue eyes and quiet demeanor, he often seems to be contemplating something far deeper than one might expect... but what exactly he is thinking, one may not wish to know.


Frederik has not personally appeared in any stories so far, although he is indirectly alluded to in Knightfall.