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The fox-folk are beastfolk that were once fox shifters in the West. They are not to be confused with their kin in the East, the Kitsune, who retained their shapeshifting ability. Fox-folk never undergo any transformations; they are born as beastfolk and remain that way throughout their lives. They are generally solitary, though some form small communities.


Fox-folk have a typical beastman appearance: they have the head, legs, tail, claws, and fur of foxes, but the arms, hands, and torsos of men. They come in a variety of types and colors, with arctic fox-folk living further north, while red and grey fox-folk live elsewhere. Their fur colors include white, red, brown, grey, and combinations thereof. Like most beastfolk, they have a variety of eye-colors, including yellow, orange, red, blue, and green.


Lacking a "culture," per se, most fox-folk prefer to live alone or in family groups. They are generally solitary unless they have a family. Some fox-folk prefer to live closer to other beastfolk civilizations, interacting with them occasionally, while others isolate themselves more thoroughly in their various mountain and forest homes. Just as Men claim, they are often tricksters, but most fox-folk do not go out of their way to cause dangerous trouble. They make excellent spies, thieves, and assassins for beastfolk cultures, however, when they are willing to employ themselves to do such work.