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Portrait fintan.png
The Priest
Full Name: Fintan (Unknown)
Aliases: Finny (Tom Drake calls him this)
Race: Haudergr (Hill Dwarf)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: The Dwaerrodowns
Born: Unknown
Height: Around 3'5"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Affinity: Air
Familiar: Badger
Affiliations: None
Fintan is a grouchy old hill dwarf. He is a traveling trader who is known for his skill in the arts of healing, his exceptionally small stature, and his very bad attitude. He travels all across Northrim and the Achaean Empire.


Fintan does not speak much of his past. He was born in the Dwaerrodowns and lived there for many years as a priest of Frigga. Among more typical priestly duties, he also cared for the sick in his house of healing, and there he gained much knowledge of treating illnesses and mending wounds. Apparently due to taking part in some highly shady and questionable business, the nature of which Fintan refuses to disclose, he was cast out of his home village and stripped of all his authority and titles. After this, he became a trader and healer for hire, but it is unknown whether or not he questions his faith or had faith to begin with. He has traveled far and wide all across Northrim and much of Achaea, trading many things, though he primarily deals in herbs, spices, and weeds, many of which are items only hill dwarves have much knowledge about. He also sells his ability to mend wounds and treat the ill.


Given that his hair is stark white and his face is very aged, Fintan is clearly an extremely old dwarf. His white beard is not so long as to hang past his feet, however; in fact, he usually keeps it neatly trimmed to a reasonable length. He is very short, even for a dwarf, and his physique is not typical of his kind: he is weak and perhaps a little plump. A pair of blue eyes glowers out from beneath his bushy white eyebrows, and his face is heavily wrinkled: what creases are not from age and sun are from the scowls he so frequently wears. His voice is gravelly and guttural, assisted by the fact that he so often smokes, and the strong scent of his pipe and the various herbs he trades always lingers around him. Usually clad in simple attire, often wearing a broad hat, and frequently seen with a long pipe in his mouth, Fintan is a perfect example of a hill dwarf trader. He rides about in his wooden cart full of goods, which is pulled by his trusty donkey.


Fintan is best summed up as a grouchy old man. He hates being bothered by anyone, particularly someone who is not a paying customer, and he views people in general as arrogant and stupid. Staying true to Men’s concept of a typical dwarf, Fintan is greedy, grouchy, and he even hates elves. There is a heart hidden somewhere in him, however, for he retains his dwarven loyalty to his few friends - even if he is most likely going to complain the entire time he assists them. With a foul mouth, a foul temper easily triggered by his sensitivity, and a pessimistic attitude, Fintan is not the best of dwarves to be around. He frequently smacks the patients he heals if they struggle or complain while he does his work, although he actually does this more often to his friends than regular paying customers.


Fintan is a main character in The Prophecy of the Six, and he appeared in Knightfall.