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Erinyes are demons of Vengeance, followers of Nemesis.


The Erinyes largely share the appearance of Nemesis herself. They are beautiful and appear very human, but their skin is pale, and their hair often is as well. They usually have black-feathered wings and cold, frost blue eyes.


Erinyes, in many ways, have more potential for good than other demons. Their primary purpose is to carry out vengeance. They are often summoned to avenge terrible crimes, called upon by vengeful men and women to curse their enemies. But since Nemesis herself is not truly an evil being, her servants will not always act for an evil cause, sometimes turning on their own summoners. Their evil lies in the way they carry out their vengeance. Sometimes an entire family or an entire city may suffer for the evil of one individual belonging to it, and that individual may suffer torment that far exceeds their own crime. This is what separates the Erinyes from spirits of Justice.


Demon-kin of Erinyes are, like their demonic parents, less entirely evil than other demons. This is reflected in their demonic features, which may be just pale skin and a pair of black feathered wings. One would do well not to cross them, however, for they will usually enact a terrible vengeance. They are also driven to encourage others to take revenge for even small slights.