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The apple tree dryads are perhaps the least reclusive of their kind, though they are still rarely seen in civilization. Epimeliades (singular Epimeliad) dwell throughout Achaea, where they often live in seclusion, but some have taken to watching over orchards in secret and tending to sheep.


Epimeliades have even fairer skin than the rest of their kin, and they have the brightest and most striking colorations of all the dryads. Their hair color ranges from pale white to bright pink, like apple blossoms. Their eyes are similar, coming in a variety of bright colors, including green, gold, pink, and red.


While exceptionally peaceful in nature, Epimeliades occasionally mingle with Men and aid them in the upkeep of their orchards. They enjoy tending to sheep and other animals, but they will frequently help a flock escape to freedom rather than be slaughtered by its owners. They run and hide when confronted, as they do not wish harm on anything, even their enemies. Known to be friendly to anyone and anything that does not want to cause harm to nature, though they are sometimes bothersome to some farmers thanks to their preference of animals over people, Epimeliades are energetic and kind.


Unlike many other dryads, Epimeliades tend to worship Demeter above Artemis or any other god, goddess, or spirit.