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The Wheel of Magic.

The Elemental Wheel

Magi and those who study magic

A They all fall somewhere on what magi call the Wheel of Magic. In the vast majority of cases, they are attuned to either Air, Fire, Water, or Earth. These elements merge to create life as we know it. A mage born with Fire affinity will find Fire-based magic the easiest to use and most powerful. They will also be able to use Air and Earth magic, but will find Water magic extremely difficult since it is their opposing element, located on the opposite side of the Wheel. Similarly, an Earth mage would find Air magic difficult to use. For a non-magical person, their elemental affinity would be expressed in other ways, such as their preferred climate. Though in very exceptional cases individuals may be born with Light or Shadow affinity, no mortal creature is ever born with Demonic, Divine, Runic, Arcane, Spiritual, or Death affinity.

The Wheel of Magic also serves as the emblem for the secret Council of Magi, while its lower "hook" - the one representing Shadow, Demonic, and Death magic - can be seen on the emblem of the Hidden.