Divine Magic

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Demonic magic is not the only type available to anyone, even those not touched by the Gift. Its opposite, Divine magic, is available to anyone willing to devote their lives to the service of a god or goddess. These gods include the Olympians and the Aesir, among others.


Those who practice divine magic are always connected to the gods, so its primary practitioners are priests. An individual’s divine magical power grows as he gains the favor of his god by following his creed, carrying out his divine commands, and doing great acts in his name. In order to gain these powers, one must truly believe in and truly devote themselves to their god. Divine magic is always directly related to the deity who grants it, so while some priests (like priests of Apollo) can heal wounds and bestow blessings, others (like priests of Hades) can control the spirits of the dead and bestow curses. Both are considered essential parts of society, however, and are accepted by most human civilizations. Priests of Hades, for example, are respected by the Empire due to their essential rituals involving the passage of the dead. 


Most divine magic is quite subtle. A blessing, for example, has no visible effect upon an individual, but the recipient will feel his strength and courage bolstered. On the other hand, some very powerful priests who are greatly favored by their gods can go so far as to summon divine beings and command the very elements themselves. High Priestesses of Freyja can summon the aid of the Valkyrie, for instance, and High Priests of Zeus can call bolts of lightning to be hurled down from the heavens themselves. Anyone born of a divine heritage (such as a demigod) will have immediate access to some divine powers related to their specific godly bloodline.