Demonic Magic

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Connected directly with the lower planes and demons, demonic magic (also known as black magic) is shunned by most human civilizations even more than other types of magic.


Despite the hatred for this evil magic, it is one of the most alluring types to the power-hungry, because one need not be Gifted to access it. All one needs is a soul. Every time a demonic spell is cast, part of the caster's soul is lost to the demon who granted them this power, usually a demon related to their particular brand of sin. Eventually, the caster will lose more and more of himself, growing pale and corpse-like in appearance, until death takes him, and his soul becomes the property of the demon in the Underworld. For this reason, practitioners of demonic magic usually capture spirits of the dead in rune-engraved stones called soulstones, which they then access to fuel their spells, in lieu of their own soul. A practitioner of Demonic magic is sometimes called a Warlock, and a specialist of Death magic is a Necromancer.


Some creatures have an innate skill in demonic magic, including individuals with a demonic lineage (demon-kin) and dark elves (svartalfar). 


A subset of Demonic magic is Death Magic or Necromancy, which is used for the creation of undead. Other types of demonic magic include the summoning of demons, which requires great preparation and discipline, and basic death spells such as the drawing of life force from the enemy into the attacker.