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Portrait daemonique.png
The Demoness
Full Name: Daemonique
Aliases: Nikki, Vixen
Race: Demon-kin
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Height: 5'6"
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Red
Affinity: Fire
Familiar: Serpent
Affiliations: none

Daemonique is a half-human half-succubus demon-kin. She was bound by Lord Plutarch to aid him in tracking down a set of dark artifacts.


The details of Daemonique's birth are unknown, even to her, except for the fact that one of her parents was a mortal human, and the other was either a succubus or incubus. She speculates based on her human features that her mortal parent was either from Kemhet or the southern regions of the Achaean Empire.

Daemonique's first memories are of the Underworld, living among other demons and demon-kin. But she was raised as much like a human as possible, and taught about human culture and language, so that she might easily act as an emissary or infiltrator to the world of mortals. Her job was to answer mortal summons when a lesser succubus was called. She was summoned to Kemhet early in life and spent many years there as a young girl, absorbing its culture and adopting much of it as her own.

Whenever she was summoned, she found herself fascinated by the world of mortals, longing to see more. She longed for freedom to explore, rather than being forced to act as a slave to demons or necromancers. So it was that, when a mage named Septimus Plutarch offered her freedom in exchange for one final task, she eagerly accepted - even though he required her to seal their pact with a magic tattoo that bound her to his will until her job was done.


The phrase "fiery" certainly applies to Daemonique. She has an unbridled passion for life, always seeking new knowledge and experiences. Nearly all aspects of the mortal realm fascinate her, even ones that mortals themselves find mundane. She also tends to find almost anything amusing, even the darkest and most tragic events. An extremely unpredictable individual, she likes to immediately act on whatever whim or fancy seizes her at the moment.

Daemonique is a skilled actress (and even singer), capable of taking on any guise or alter-ego needed to accomplish her current task, aided of course by her natural ability to shift her appearance at will. A jack of all trades, she is a decently-skilled swordsman who also possesses some minor magical abilities, including some fire magic and a magical familiar: a serpent named Lily, who can transform into a tattoo on her body in order to hide.


Daemonique is a main character of Into the North.