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A cyclops (plural cyclopes) is a type of giant with a single eye. Slow-witted and ugly, and shunned by the Jötnar as stupid mutants, they were judged as non-threatening by the gods and allowed to remain in Midgard. A few are favored warriors of the Achaean gods, and it is said that divine cyclopes aid Hephaestus in his forge.


Cyclopes are very large and hideous giants with a single eye. They often wear little other than a loincloth they stitched together themselves. They are generally extremely muscular and strong. The jotnar consider them mutants, and indeed some are born with strange mutations, like a single horn sprouting from their forehead. Most cyclopes are bald, though not all.


Most cyclopes dwell in caves hidden far in the mountains or on remote islands. They are mostly peaceful beings, many living as simple farmers and herders, keeping close watch over their herds of sheep. They do, however, enjoy the taste of human flesh, and so are dangerous to approach, since their size and strength makes them quite difficult to kill.

Legend speaks, however, of greater civilizations of cyclopes, who build massive stone walls and are known for their incredible feats of craftsmanship in architecture and blacksmithing.