Corben McShane

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Portrait corben.png
The Watchman
Corben McShane
Full Name: Corben McShane
Aliases: Cor
Race: Half Northman, half Achaean
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Rimegard, Northrim
Born: Unknown
Height: 6'
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Affinity: Earth
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Illikon
Corben "Cor" McShane is a hardened lieutenant of the Illikon night watch. He is both a commoner and of half Northern blood. Corben is best friends with Sir Tom Drake and Captain Victor Magnus, which often comes as a surprise to others, for they are both of a higher station.


Born in an Achaean war camp near Rimegard, Corben is the son of a Northerner woman and an Imperial soldier. Soon after his birth, his parents left Rimegard and moved back into the Achaean Empire, to a small village just south of Illikon, and it was there that Corben spent his childhood. Once he was eighteen, he moved to Illikon hoping to find a better life. For two years he spent most of his time in Slums, trying his hand at various professions, and at age twenty, Corben joined the Illikon city guard in desperation for some work. After eleven years he is still working as a member of the night watch, although he was since promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. With a reputation among various city officials that is less than pleasant, if they know of him at all, Corben has only managed to befriend one or two people of any influence: namely Captain Victor Magnus and Sir Tom Drake.


Taller than most Achaeans, broad, and strong, Corben's appearance very much gives away his Northerner blood, just as his lower-class accent gives away his commoner station. Ruggedly handsome and always bearing a rough stubble, Corben's head is shaved all but bare, adding to his brawler appearance. He is rarely seen out of his guard uniform: a suit of chainmail with a deep blue tabard bearing the Imperial crown and the Illikon gryphon, both in bright gold, upon the chest. On one side he carries an axe, on the other a quiver of bolts, and his trusty crossbow is always slung over his shoulder. Occasionally he carries a round shield as well. Corben is left-handed, and this often gives him an edge in battle against those familiar with fighting only right-handed warriors.


Corben is often seen as a dry, pessimistic individual with a drinking problem, and this is generally true. He tirelessly makes sarcastic remarks, usually so truthful they can be insulting, to everyone around him - even his friends. He is known for his tendency to use swear words, make vulgar remarks, and the frequency with which he visits taverns. Tough but by no means unintelligent, Corben thinks his actions through carefully to make sure he always comes out alive in the end of every situation. He has only a handful of real friends, so he tends to stand by their sides. However, he has a bad habit of becoming involved in things he does not really want to be involved in, often due to being so outspoken... or simply by being friends with Drake and Magnus.


Corben is a main character in Knightfall, the first installment of The Prophecy of the Six series, and he will appear in later installments as well.