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Portrait chrisanthos.png
Chris, werewolf frost mage.
Full Name: Chrisanthos
Aliases: Chris
Race: Half Achaean, half Nordling (Werewolf)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: A farm near Rimegard, Northrim
Born: Unknown
Height: 6'
Eye Color: Bright blue
Hair Color: White
Affinity: Frost
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Unknown
Chrisanthos "Chris" is a werewolf frost mage born to a family of simple farmers in southern Northrim, near the border of the Empire.


Born to a simple family of farmers a few leagues away from Rimegard, Chris's parents could have no doubt that their child was Gifted, as he was born with stark white hair. They nonetheless raised him as their beloved son, under the one condition that he never left the farm and no one knew of his existence. As such, Chris has never seen any of the world or even met someone outside his immediate family: his father, mother, and little sister. Chris grew up being taught that he was dangerous and couldn't trust anyone, and many events led him to believe all of that was true. His emotions caused destruction around him - such as freezing an entire field of crops - and he has always lived under the burden of his uncontrollable magic, occasionally waking up to a frozen bedroom after having a nightmare. Restless, afraid of himself, but eager to always be there for his family, Chris has obediently never run away from his farm home into a world that would kill him for the way he was born... That is, until an encounter with a werewolf changed his life.


Chris is a tall, very handsome young man with a striking face and a good build. His white hair is somewhat unkempt, and his bright blue eyes are so vibrant they almost seem to glow, highlighted even further by his dark and rather thick eyebrows. His werewolf form has solid white fur with black claws.


Young and eager, Chris wants little more than to see the world and to prove himself to his family after causing them a great deal of strife (or so he feels). He cares deeply for his family and is protective of his little sister, Sophie. He is a friendly, passionate person, though he is extremely self-conscious - and ashamed - of both his Gift and his stark white hair. Chris has had no interaction with anyone outside his immediate family and their pet dog, so he has yet to discover how he feels about other people, but he already somewhat resents the world for the fact that, according to his parents, they would kill him the instant they even saw his unnatural white hair.


Chris first appears in Knightfall, the first installment of The Prophecy of the Six series, in which he will be an important character. He is also the protagonist of the short story A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, the tale of how he became infected with lycanthropy, which is included in the Tales of Wulfgard: Volume I short story collection.