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A chimera.

A chimera is a hybrid monster with the head and forearms of a lion, the back legs and second head of a goat, and a serpent in place of a tail. One of the deadliest monsters in existence, it possesses magic, can breathe fire, and can spit venom. Perhaps the most infamous of all such hybrid creatures, it lends its name to them as chimerans.


It is unknown how chimeras were first created. Some say they were the result of magical experiments or wild magic gone awry, such as in the Blasted Wastes, causing mutations in nearby beasts. Other stories claim the chimera is the offspring of Typhon, Lord of all Monsters. It has certainly existed since long before most of the recorded mage wars, as far back as the Heroic Age.


Each of the chimera's three heads is deadly in its own way. The lion is tremendously strong, with great fangs and claws, and according to some stories can breathe fire. The goat is the most clever head, able to discern would-be tricks, and can cast magic spells. And the serpent is fast and deadly, guarding the creature from flanking attacks, and can spit deadly venom. Only the bravest and most experienced heroes would dare tangle with a chimera.