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Centaurs are beastfolk who are half man and half horse. They mostly dwell in the Southwestern Wilds.


When the Shifters were cursed at the end of the Age of Wulfgard, those of the horse suffered a particularly cruel curse, becoming half-man, half-horse in a much more literal sense than most beastfolk. Instead of an even mixture of man and animal features, centaur have upper bodies, arms, and heads that are almost entirely human, but in place of legs they have the body and four legs of a horse.


Most centaur live in tribes called herds. These herds are usually nomadic, sometimes setting up camps but seldom staying in one spot for long. While different herds may have different cultures, most are thought to have group leadership, where decisions are put to a vote or determined by a council of elders. Some herds are peaceful, but most enjoy forming marauding bands to attack Imperials and others. Due to their love of freedom, they typically resent attempts by the Minotaurs to control them and despise letting anyone ride on their backs.

Battle Tactics

Men generally regard centaur as little more than violent raiders. Because of their nature as a man and horse with one mind and body, they are some of the deadliest cavalry in the world, with "horses" that never shy from a fight and obey their every command. They battle using both light and heavy cavalry tactics, but they favor the former. However, their unique bodies create some issues in this regard, especially when using the so-called Parthian Shot technique (firing at the enemy behind them while retreating) since they can no longer look where they are going. They favor lamellar armor, fighting primarily with spears and bows.