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Bushaspor are phlegmatic demons of Gluttony, the spawn of Bushasp. They are seldom summoned on purpose since they are generally considered lazy and worthless. Nevertheless, they should not be underestimated, for they have been known to devour humans whole and let them digest inside their cavernous stomachs. Demons of Gluttony are considered some of the most disgusting of all demons, and they are certainly among the most hideous, which is quite a feat indeed.


Bushaspor are enormously obese demons covered in layers of fat, with a giant maws and tentacles with which they drag around their bulk. They vary in size, but all are large enough to eat a man whole, with the most powerful of Bushaspor large enough to swallow small giants. Their skin is generally a putrid green, as are their eyes, and they have a pair of short, stumpy arms in addition to their numerous tentacles.


Bushaspor tempt men into sins of gluttony and sloth, encouraging them to eat at every available opportunity, to hoard their food from others and devour it all for themselves, and to shirk duties in favor of a life of self-indulgence and repose. Bushaspor often have an oddly jovial and even friendly attitude, and most are perfectly willing to make small-talk with anyone they come across - unless that creature gets too close, in which case the Bushaspor will almost undoubtedly eat them.


Demon-kin spawn of Bushaspor are nearly always overweight due to their constant desire to eat anything in sight, and their tentacles and eyes are usually a dark and putrid yellow-green.