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Bushasp, Demon Prince of Gluttony, takes the appearance of an enormously obese demon covered in layers of fat, with a giant maw and tentacles with which he drags around his bulk. Although often considered lazy and useless, like his minions, Bushasp is not to be underestimated. It is said he is so large that he can swallow the greatest of giants or even dragons whole and entrap them alive in his enormous stomach, where - supposedly - other demonic atrocities live and torment his meals as they slowly digest. He is extremely cunning and, although largely uninterested in many wars among the various demons in the Underworld and often considered one of the most easygoing and reasonable of all demons, he is a highly desirable ally.


His are the souls of the lazy, neglectful, slovenly, and gluttonous – wastes of flesh in every sense of the word.


His spawn are the Bushaspor, which share his appearance.