Ben Blackburn

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The Ebonguard
Ben Blackburn
Full Name: Benedykt Blackburn
Aliases: Ben
Race: Achaean
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Blackwall, Achaean Empire
Born: Unknown
Height: 6'4"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Affinity: Unknown
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Inquisition
Ben Blackburn is an Ebonguard in the Imperial Inquisition and older brother of Durante Blackburn. He is close friends with Caiden and Plexaura Voros, and he often works with them on assignments. Ben is perhaps best known for his easygoing attitude.


Born into a family of proud Inquisitors, Ben was destined since birth to become a mage hunter. The Blackburn family owes their lives to Durand, and tradition dictates that they always send their first-born son to join the Inquisition. As such, once he came of age, Ben was shipped off to Karak du Vide to begin training as a channeler - despite his own desires to simply become a traveling bard.

Much to his family's chagrin, however, Ben's body ultimately rejected the channeler rituals, causing him great pain and leaving him with some unknown permanent damage - not to mention permanent channeler tattoos that do not actually work. Determined not to disappoint his family further, Ben opted to become an Ebonguard instead, particularly after his little brother underwent the channeler rituals and succeeded. Since then, Ben has worked tirelessly as an Ebonguard, though he continues to quietly practice his own musical passions on the side.


Ben stands incredibly tall at a little over six feet, four inches, with very broad shoulders and lithe, well-toned muscles. The most notable features on his attractive face are his high cheekbones and dark, low eyebrows that constantly give him a brooding look, somewhat shadowing his eyes. His eyes themselves are a deep, vaguely copper brown. He keeps his pitch-black hair efficiently short and somewhat spiked in front. Although he almost never takes off his armor and rarely even reveals his face, his entire body bears numerous black tattoos, most of which are strange runic symbols.

Armor and Weapons

Being an Ebonguard, Ben is almost never seen without his full panoply of void iron plate armor, including a full-face helm, which he also rarely removes. He wields an enormous, double-bit axe that he generally keeps slung over his back, though he also carries a sword on his hip, as well as a dagger, all made of void iron.


Put simply, Ben is a calm, easygoing kind of guy, with a casual attitude and a willingness to try and make friends with just about anyone. He is never one to pick a fight if it can be avoided, but he is unafraid to use his intimidating presence to end one when it arises. Brave but peaceful, Ben would generally prefer to have a good time drinking, relaxing with his friends, and playing music to entertain people, but his desire to protect others from the evils of the world often prevents him from doing so.


Ben is an important character in Echoes of the Mage-Emperor.