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Beetle-men are beetle beastfolk that are much larger than their name may imply; in fact, they are among the largest subterranean beastfolk. They typically dwell in caves or most anywhere underground, such as old ruins and tombs. The majority of their kind dwell in Nidavellir.


Huge, hulking, and mostly covered by a thick, armor shell, beetle-folk are very imposing. Their torso, arms, and clawed hands are humanoid in shape, and they have a human mouth concealed behind insectoid mouthparts, which allows them to speak and eat like men and other beastfolk do. Otherwise, they have the huge jaws, eyes, shell, and legs of a beetle, and their arms look somewhat thin - though they are far stronger than most other races, and certainly much mightier than any man. Unlike some beastfolk, they do not possess multiple pairs of arms or legs like their insect counterparts.


The color of the eyes and shell of beetle-folk varies widely, and both can bear many colorful patterns or no pattern at all. They range in hue from bright reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, pinks, oranges, and more, though they also come in much duller shades, such as black, brown, and grey. The variety of color and patterns of beetle-folk seems nigh upon endless.


Beetle-men generally do not have much of a society; they often live alone or with a mate. They do, however, take special care of their children, which are frequently born in multiples. They are territorial, and for this reason, other underground races often make note of where beetle-folk dwell and purposefully avoid their region of a cave complex. Beetle-folk are excellent diggers, and they can tunnel with such natural skill that they make even dwarves and dark elves envious. If they have a more advanced culture, it remains largely unknown, as the beetle-folk do not take kindly to trespassers, and they show little or no outward signs of being "civilized," since they require no clothing or armor. They are not inherently hostile, like most beastfolk, and the majority of them simply want to be left alone.