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A raven or crow Avian.
Avians are bird beastfolk. Unlike the very rare Tengu of the Far East and the high priests of Ra in the South, they lost their ability to shapeshift and live their lives as half man, half beast. In the West, avians are often equated with harpieserinyes, which are demonic beings and actually unrelated to beastfolk.


These bird-folk come in many varieties and live in all parts of the world. They are some of the most numerous of the beastmen, alongside saurians. There exist various types of avians, including - but not limited to - ravens, crows, eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, and owls. The less ominous bird-shifters, namely songbirds, became sirens.


Usually dwelling in the mountains, the eagle-men hunt alone, while groups of crow and vulture men scavenge for food in large, terrifying flocks. The nature of avian culture is a mystery, as they generally roost high along mountains and in other areas that men cannot easily reach.