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Arashk, also called Hybreos, is the demon Prince of Pride and Envy. He takes the form of a tall, handsome man with a crown of horns, long black hair, and wings sprouting from his back.


His are the souls of those who could think only of themselves, ignoring, pushing aside, or destroying others with hardly a thought. Envy caused them to always covet that which was not theirs, to believe they deserved all and would take it at any cost.

Creator of Vampires

It was Arashk to whom vampires swore an ancient pact. Through his power they are granted immortality as undead and retain control over their shifting abilities, coupled with the curse of hunger for blood. Barring rare cases of divine intervention, every vampire's soul belongs to Arashk.


The melancholic demons of Pride, like most demons, bear a resemblance to their master. They are tall, handsome demons with crowns of horns, long black hair, and feathered (or sometimes bat-like) wings. They encourage pride and envy in mortals, advising them to ignore, push aside, or destroy others because they are lesser beings, and because their pride leads them to believe that they deserve whatever they want and can take, no matter the cost. They enjoy taking the form of an adviser or close friend to an egotistical human, preferably one of great power, in order to whisper suggestions into their ear, goading their egos and pushing them into steadily greater sin.


The demon-kin children of Arashk's demon minions, often very comely and well aware of it, are noteworthy for their bright green eyes and long, curled horns.