Anton Skiera

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Portrait anton.png
Prince of Rimegard
Full Name: Prince Anton Skiera
Aliases: none
Race: Achaean
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Rimegard
Born: AI 1101
Height: 6'1"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Affinity: Fire
Familiar: unknown
Affiliations: House of Skiera

Anton is the son of Eltan Skiera, King of Rimegard.


Anton was born in Rimegard to Eltan Skiera and his first wife Adela. He barely got a chance to know his mother well before her death. Since then, he has been fiercely protective of his older sister Adrianya, who was born a mage and forced to remain in hiding for most of her life. He began fighting at a very young age to defend his city and his family, quickly earning the love and adoration of his men.


A brave and ferocious warrior in battle, Anton prefer to lead his soldiers from the front lines atop his steed. He loves his family and city above all else, feeling little loyalty to the greater Achaean Empire which would take his sister away to the Inquisition if they knew her true nature. However, he does not entirely agree with his father's attempts to make peace with the Nordling tribes, preferring to speak to them in their own language: war.


Prince Anton appears in both Knightfall and Into the North.