Amphibian Beastfolk

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Amphibian beastfolk include frog-men, toad-men, and salamanders. They have been known to dwell deep in the world's largest marshes, forests, and jungles, often living in villages together for their mutual benefit.


Though amphibians vary widely in terms of size, strength, and coloration, there are three particular types that stand out above the rest.


Smaller amphibian beastfolk are lithe and incredibly agile. Many frog folk are dull-colored to match their drab, moist environments, but those who dwell in certain jungles bear bright coloration - including, but not limited to, bright reds, blues, and yellows - and their skin can be covered in deadly poison. Frog-men are masters of the treetops, striking from the shadows and sometimes setting elaborate traps. They are fast and smart, utilizing their great dexterity to give them the greatest advantage possible. They generally use weapons when attacking - usually spears, bows, and blowguns - and occasionally they will disarm or trip enemies with their long, sticky tongues.


Some amphibians grow to an enormous size, leaving them grounded from the trees their smaller brethren call home. Sometimes referred to as "toad-men," these larger amphibian beastfolk are considered slow-moving thanks to their enormous bulk, but they are immensely strong, tough, and can be remarkably swift when pressed. Some stories tell of toad-men so large that they can swallow men nearly whole, sticking them with their tongue and then drawing them into their maw, trapping them there. Toad-men are usually drab in color, blending in with their swamp or forest homes.

Salamander-woman. Art by Caleb Duke (Dagoth).


Salamander-folk can often be found living amongst their froglike brethren. They are distinguishable by their longer, almost serpentine bodies and long tails. Like the smaller frog-folk, they are agile and prefer to use weapons to fight. In fact, they are said to be skilled smiths with an affinity to fire. Whether or not they are actually related to the fire elemental Salamandrae is unknown.


Most amphibians live in either swamps or jungles, and their culture is - as with most beastfolk - viewed by Men as simple and savage. They live in fairly small wooden villages, which are often built partially beneath water. Frog, toad, and salamander-men often live together and cooperate to survive. Like many beastfolk, amphibians largely follow an animistic religion, worshiping the spirits of nature and the land above all else. Similar to saurians, however, some amphibians will take to worshiping dragons.