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Verrbjornar (singular verrbjorn) are bear beastfolk. Unlike what some legends claim, verrbjornar never shapeshift and always maintain their beastman form. They mostly dwell all throughout Northrim, and some live in secluded regions of the Northwestern Empire, particularly the Forest of Shadows. Verrbjornar are closely associated with berserkers.


Verrbjornar appear as enormous bear-men, but they often walk about on all fours, making their humanoid torsos, arms, and hands appear so subtle that they can be easily mistaken for an ordinary - if very large - bear. Their fur can come in a variety of colors, including brown, black, white, and sometimes grey or a vaguely golden hue. Like other beastfolk, their eyes can be yellow, orange, red, green, or blue, with blue being among the most common for the bear-folk.


Much like their animal counterparts, the bear-folk typically lead solitary lives, though verrbjornar also frequently live with a small family. They do not have a culture, per se, but in general they are very easygoing and try to leave others alone - because they want that gesture to be returned. If verrbjornar have any greater culture at large, then it remains unknown, as they typically try to avoid others.