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Scorpion-men (also called Aqrabuamelu) are beastfolk with the features of a man and a scorpion, in varying combinations. They mostly dwell in the deserts of the South.


Like the Arachnians, most races of scorpion-men can be split into Hunters and Stalkers, though some may combine aspects of both.


The more widely feared scorpion-man "hunters" stand on two legs like a man, but have many arms, with the uppermost pair bearing enormous, powerful claws that can supposedly break an unarmored man in half with one snap. Their bodies are a more even mixture of human and scorpion attributes, and they usually have a scorpion-like head. They prefer brute force combat, relying on their great strength and their natural armor in battle. They usually lead solitary lives in lairs hidden deep in the desert, from which they emerge at night to hunt for prey.

A smaller humanoid variety of scorpion-man. Art by Caleb Duke (Dagoth).


Stalkers are the more centaur-like Aqrabuamelu, with a human upper body and head protruding from the body, legs, and tail of a scorpion. While they have claws on their second set of limbs (the first pair found on the scorpion body), they are relatively weak compared to the claws of Hunters, so they usually rely on their venom and hand-made weapons in battle. Their sting is quite potent, and they often coat their spears and arrows in venom from their tail before going into battle. These Aqrabuamelu are considered more benevolent than scorpion-man "hunters" by the people of the South, since they usually worship Serqet and can be found guarding the ruins of sacred temples, in which they build their villages.