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A saurian sacrificing a human to his serpent gods.
Saurians are lizard-like reptilian beastfolk, which are found throughout the mortal realms in many shapes and sizes.


Nearly all types of saurians share certain physical traits. They have the upper body and arms of a man, but the legs, tail, and head of a reptile such as a lizard or crocodile. Some are large and strong, others quick and dextrous, but all are covered in tough scales.


Most saurians live in small villages, with primitive homes made of mud and sticks. They tend to worship either nature spirits, animal-gods, or, in many cases, dragons - such as the tribes in Rognosst Swamp.


Though there are near countless varieties of lizardfolk, there are several distinct variations of saurians. Among these various reptilian beastfolk, there is considerable variation in coloration and appearance.


The most common of saurians are those beastfolk descended from the ancient lizard Shifters, who stand slightly taller than a man and usually fight with primitive weapons. Lizardfolk come in nearly endless varieties - including iguanas, chameleons, frilled lizards, and more - in colors ranging from dull blacks and browns to bright red, blue, green, and yellow. Variations of lizardfolk live in almost every corner of Midgard, in a wider variety of habitats than many other creatures, though they always live far from the settlements of Men.


Crocodile-men are much taller, broader, and more muscular than their lizardfolk cousins. With their thick hides and bulging muscles, the crocodile-folk often fight unarmed, using their massive jaws, mighty claws, and heavy tails to crush and tear their opponents. These saurians are most often found near water, particularly rivers, and their appearance varies according to region. The most well-known of crocodile-folk are those that live in Kemhet, along the banks of the river Yter.


According to the handful of intrepid sailors who have ventured there, in the Sunset Islands far over the western sea dwell a unique variety of saurians - enormous, brightly-colored, and sometimes bearing feathers. A few accounts speak of the natives worshiping them, sacrificing to them as heralds of the gods.