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A hobgoblin archer.
Hobgoblins are one of the choas races. They are the Jotnar's twisted attempt to mimic elves.


Taller than goblins, the spindly yet strong hobgoblins are about the height of a man or elf, though they stand hunched and thus appear shorter. Their noses and ears are extremely long and pointed, and they have sharp senses of smell and hearing to make up for their weak eyesight and sensitive eyes. They are usually hairless, with a slightly brighter variety of skin colors than other chaos races. While most are grey-green, some can be bright green, red, or yellow.


Quick and agile, hobgoblins are masterful climbers, preferring to dwell in dark parts of the forest or in caves. Like goblins, they can often be quite clever and set up elaborate traps, though they lack the hobgoblins' industrious nature and penchant for construction. The only time they cooperate is when hunting in packs. They prefer stealth attacks and stabbing or ranged weapons, and are master bowmakers.