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Chaos Beasts, or Chaos Beastfolk, are the Jotnar's attempt to recreate beastfolk. The Chaos Beasts were created after the shifters were cursed, and thus they are attempts to mimic beastfolk specifically.


Unlike true beastfolk, Chaos beasts are hideous, with malformed, stunted, and misplaced features for an animal and patchy fur that barely covers their large, muscular frame. They stand incredibly hunched and usually walk with an ape-like gait, but they can run at incredible speeds on all fours when hunting. Their appearance varies to an extreme, but they all have short, thick, rounded muzzles and long, pointed ears that droop from the sides of their heads. Their fangs are too large for their mouth, and enormous canines jut from their upper and lower jaws alike. Their fur - or scales or even feathers, as some are born with - is patchy and incomplete, and they often only have either hair or scales on their necks, upper chest and shoulders, on their waist, and maybe some sparsely on their forearms and legs. Their claws are enormous on both their hands and feet, and their tails are often short and stunted as well. A few have twisted horns or beaks, sometimes in unnatural combinations. Exactly what type of chaos beast will arise from a breeding pit is entirely unpredictable.


Although many Chaos races have little or no culture, the Chaos beasts have perhaps the least of all. They build nothing and invent nothing, using their sheer power to survive. Unlike their beastfolk counterparts, they lack any sense of peace, beauty, respect for nature, or even the sense of tribal civilization that most beastfolk have. Instead, Chaos beasts revel only in death and destruction, liberally devouring both their foes and their own kind.

They can, however, still communicate. Since they are swift and strong runners on all fours, they are sometimes used as mounts for orcs and goblins when the Jotnar force them to serve this purpose in their Armies of Chaos, but this seldom happens in independent tribes, since the chaos beastfolk are free to voice their resentment for this treatment and fight back. Independent tribes of chaos beasts are like packs of frenzied animals, building their homes and breeding pits in caves, seldom interacting with any other race except to attack and eat them.